When graduating from college, many graduates have a desire to pursue a specialization or an MBA in their field. However, some of these recent graduates do not have the amount needed to start their post. However, what these students do not know about is the possibility of student financing at the Loan and Credit.

Loan and Credit has a program called “Credifácil Postgraduate / MBA”, which offers newly graduated students the possibility of acquiring a credit to be able to pay for the specialization course. after graduation.

How Student Financing Works at Loan and Credit


Loan and Credit’ student loan program, “Credifácil Postgraduate / MBA”, works directly for recent graduates who have a current bank account. That is, the funding has as target audience the graduates who are account holders of the institution.

Through Credfácil Graduate / MBA, the student who has just left the university can get up to $ 50,000 in credit to pay the desired specialization course at one of Loan and Credit partner universities.

The amount made available through the credit program can be paid over a period of up to 60 months and its interest rates are fixed, and the payment of financing installments is debited directly to the applicant’s checking account.

The option to apply for the student financing program of the Loan and Credit is a great option for recent graduates who have a desire to specialize in some area. However, there are a few things that can be taken into account when choosing the program.

Pros and cons of the program

Pros and cons of the program

The “Credifácil Graduate / MBA” program has greatly helped people who have the desire to invest in their future through specialization. However, there are some points that the student must take into consideration before opting for funding.

Initially it is important to remember that funding is only valid for postgraduate and MBA courses, ie:

  • It is intended only for people who already have a completed undergraduate degree.
  • Loan and Credit financing is offered only to people who have a current account at the institution.

That is, the student must have an account with the institution and, in addition, there are other limitations in the program that may affect the applicant’s final decision. The first is in relation to the amount that is available to make the payment of the course.

There is a maximum limit of $ 50,000 for student credit, which prevents the student from taking a course that has higher value. Another restriction on the credit program is related to educational institutions.

  • This money can only be used in the bank’s partner private higher education networks.

Finally, the student must also consider the payment method and interest rate of the student financing of the Loan and Credit before deciding. The credit can be paid in 60 months, but it is debited monthly from the student’s checking account. In addition, the Credfácil Graduate / MBA charges are fixed, ie interest may vary.