Did you find yourself with a tax notice in your hand and did not pay it within 60 days after the notification and are you wondering what this may imply for you? In this case, the administrative detention can be incurred, which is applied by the Public Administration and other bodies to recover their debts in a compulsory manner. This solution may lead to the prohibition of using your vehicle until the debt is extinguished and the detention is canceled. Obviously the main way to avoid the detention is to pay the entire debt as soon as possible. But unfortunately this is not always possible. What other solutions can be used?

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Is it possible to pay in installments?

In the past it was enough to pay the first installment to return free to move. Today, unfortunately, this is no longer the case: the deferred payment request does not cancel the detention, which remains until the last installment is paid . But anyway there is good news … as asking the Revenue Agency’s collection office (the old Equitalia installment plan) to reschedule and proving, having paid the first installment, you can get the suspension of the detention. The same after giving the ok will issue a declaration that will go to the PRA; which will serve for the momentary suspension of the car lock and the driver will thus be able to return to driving. The definitive cancellation , on the other hand, will take place with a debt due , confirmed by the Equitalia Circular no. 105/2016.

But what about if you already have other installments to pay at the end of the month and you can’t even pay off this debt by paying a further installment?

Here are the solutions according to your needs!

Loan Money

Here are the experts from the group to which Heathcliff belongs . By contacting us you will be able to obtain a loan that will help you pay off your debt in full with the Inland Revenue and thus be able to permanently cancel the administrative detention obtaining the possibility to move freely with your own vehicle.

Perhaps you are wondering if obtaining a loan can be beneficial for the solution to the administrative detention .

The Heathcliff professionals can offer you advantageous solutions to be able to face this situation as well… in fact you can resort to:

  • – Debt consolidation which will help you refinance your debts and pay one installment, thus also canceling your administrative arrest.
  • – to the Assignment of the fifth salary. Choosing this form of financing makes it easier for you to know how much to repay, since the installments are fixed and constant for the entire duration of the loan, and the monthly payment does not exceed 20% (one fifth) of your salary.