Administrative stop: What is the solution?

Easy online payday loans -A simple payday loan online is a short loan- get one

A simple payday loan online is a short loan- get one now Our loans can take several forms and are ready for all types of solvent applicants. The money can be said by virtually everyone, up to CZK 30,000 with a maturity of 30 days. A basis is an online form for payday loans at […]

Administrative stop: What is the solution?

  Did you find yourself with a tax notice in your hand and did not pay it within 60 days after the notification and are you wondering what this may imply for you? In this case, the administrative detention can be incurred, which is applied by the Public Administration and other bodies to recover their […]

Credit Purchase: Loan Consolidation Simulation

In France, The Alvings is known to be well anchored in the social and economic habits of households. In fact, a loan not only makes it possible to finance projects of various kinds, but also to cope with unforeseen circumstances, exceptional situations or simply one-off needs. Also, it is common to see an individual accumulate […]

Debt – There Start-up Investor

You invest again in a shareholder subordinate loan, but receives a fixed rate plus a potential venture kicker. Even though I’m not a big penny-pinard when it comes to venture capital, I’ve seen the new Seedmatch Venture Debt model. Fixed term and interest In contrast to the usual start-up investments, this is a bullet-term subordinated […]

Freedom Finance | Borrow the money guide

The business model in Freedom Finance is to convey loans between borrowers and banks. As a broker of loans, they have a long history and are one of the largest in Sweden. But how good are they and what do they think of using Freedom Finance’s service? The legal name of the Swedish company is […]

Loans | Borrow the money guide

The latest addition to the peer-to-peer market for loans in Sweden is Lendify. The company started in 2014 and wants to give the traditional banks a challenge. Borrowing money from private individuals is not a new phenomenon. We humans have borrowed money from each other for a long time. What Lendify does is to offer […]