Administrative stop: What is the solution?


Did you find yourself with a tax notice in your hand and did not pay it within 60 days after the notification and are you wondering what this may imply for you? In this case, the administrative detention can be incurred, which is applied by the Public Administration and other bodies to recover their debts in a compulsory manner. This solution may lead to the prohibition of using your vehicle until the debt is extinguished and the detention is canceled. Obviously the main way to avoid the detention is to pay the entire debt as soon as possible. But unfortunately this is not always possible. What other solutions can be used?

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Is it possible to pay in installments?

In the past it was enough to pay the first installment to return free to move. Today, unfortunately, this is no longer the case: the deferred payment request does not cancel the detention, which remains until the last installment is paid . But anyway there is good news … as asking the Revenue Agency’s collection office (the old Equitalia installment plan) to reschedule and proving, having paid the first installment, you can get the suspension of the detention. The same after giving the ok will issue a declaration that will go to the PRA; which will serve for the momentary suspension of the car lock and the driver will thus be able to return to driving. The definitive cancellation , on the other hand, will take place with a debt due , confirmed by the Equitalia Circular no. 105/2016.

But what about if you already have other installments to pay at the end of the month and you can’t even pay off this debt by paying a further installment?

Here are the solutions according to your needs!

Loan Money

Here are the experts from the group to which Heathcliff belongs . By contacting us you will be able to obtain a loan that will help you pay off your debt in full with the Inland Revenue and thus be able to permanently cancel the administrative detention obtaining the possibility to move freely with your own vehicle.

Perhaps you are wondering if obtaining a loan can be beneficial for the solution to the administrative detention .

The Heathcliff professionals can offer you advantageous solutions to be able to face this situation as well… in fact you can resort to:

  • – Debt consolidation which will help you refinance your debts and pay one installment, thus also canceling your administrative arrest.
  • – to the Assignment of the fifth salary. Choosing this form of financing makes it easier for you to know how much to repay, since the installments are fixed and constant for the entire duration of the loan, and the monthly payment does not exceed 20% (one fifth) of your salary.


Credit Purchase: Loan Consolidation Simulation

In France, The Alvings is known to be well anchored in the social and economic habits of households. In fact, a loan not only makes it possible to finance projects of various kinds, but also to cope with unforeseen circumstances, exceptional situations or simply one-off needs. Also, it is common to see an individual accumulate several consumer The Alvingss to which are sometimes added a mortgage.

In order to regulate relations between individuals and The Alvings institutions, the Consumer Code provides provisions against situations of indebtedness and overindebtedness. In addition, the banking and financial sector has developed a mechanism that is a solution to these situations: it is the purchase of The Alvings, also practiced by Crédit Agricole.

Do you want to tidy up your finances or regain control over your budget? Want to increase your purchasing power to finance other projects that are important to you? We advise you to make a The Alvings redemption simulation to determine your current financial situation . To help you, we will review the key information you need to fully understand The Alvings redemption in general, and the Crédit Agricole loan buyback in particular.

A cooperative bank for all

 Initially created in 1885 to finance farmers for the needs of their business, Crédit Agricole is a French cooperative bank. Also known as the “Green Bank”, this company, whose business is banking and insurance, is made up of a network of regional The Alvings unions. The year 1990 is a key date for Crédit Agricole, because it marks the internationalization of the Group, but also the generalization of its activities. This generalization is materialized as much by the diversification of its products, as by offers addressed to a wider clientele: individuals, professionals, farmers and companies among others.

Crédit Agricole has developed its services in order to maintain a leading position in the banking and financial sector. Today, this cooperative bank is able to offer real estate and consumer loan consolidation offers. This would allow you to reduce your monthly payments to minus 60%. The The Alvings buy-back offer proposed by Crédit Agricole could thus be a solution that corresponds to your situation: consolidate all of your loans and repay them in one monthly installment; all with a better duration and a revised rate .

To start, check your debt ratio with our free tool. It is a determining factor to know what is your current situation. The subsequent The Alvings buy-back will be based on this debt ratio.

If you are wondering about the usefulness of doing a The Alvings consolidation, we give you some answers below.

Why clean up your finances with the purchase of The Alvings?

There are many interests in grouping your loans. Among these different reasons, one is due to the general economic situation, while the other is mainly focused on the personal situation of the borrower.

Over-indebtedness increases in France

In recent years, we have seen a constant change in the level of debt of French households: we are talking about indebtedness, even over-indebtedness, the number of which is quite high. In order to fight against this situation, some laws have been promulgated: the Lagarde Law and the Hamon Law among others. The second text sets out the freedom for a borrower to choose his own insurance; and the ability to change every year if needed. Finding cheaper borrower insurance also reduces the level of debt. Hence the importance of doing a quick simulation in order to cross the The Alvings buy offers that are proposed.

The benefit of having healthy finances

The benefit of having healthy finances

Several large projects are essentially financed with bank The Alvings. This is particularly the case for a real estate project that mobilizes large sums of money. Having sound finances makes it easier for you to access The Alvings at the bank or financial institution level in general .

When you apply for a loan, financial institutions check your financial situation to determine whether you are solvent or not. If you are in debt or over-indebtedness, you will find it difficult to obtain The Alvings. Better, if you happen to have a payment incident when you repay a The Alvings, or if you enter an Over-Indebtedness Commission, you will be automatically enrolled in one of the incident files. the Banque de France. This will lock you in access to The Alvings.

So take care to have healthy finances to reassure the financial organizations about your ability to repay. For that, do not hesitate to make a regrouping of The Alvings by having previously simulated your step.

But concretely, what are the contours of a The Alvings pool proposed by Crédit Agricole?

Know the Crédit Agricole loan buyback offer

Crédit Agricole has an offer for the repurchase of The Alvings that could correspond to your needs. In order to persuade you, find below the various terms and conditions for the purchase of Crédit Agricole loans.

The various loan buybacks 

At Crédit Agricole, it is possible to find the loan buyback offers according to the different The Alvingss that the borrower has contracted:

  • Consolidation of consumer The Alvings and revolving The Alvings : if you have made several loans such as a personal loan + a car loan + a loan work, you can choose this option to buy back The Alvings.
  • The combination of consumer The Alvings and mortgage The Alvings : in this case, it is to make the redemption of The Alvingss for a borrower who has contracted both one or more The Alvingss conso + one (or more) loan immovable.
  • The renegotiation of mortgage loans: still called renegotiation of real estate loans in progress, this arrangement differs from the consolidation of loans itself. It is not a question of buying back a mortgage but especially of reopening the discussions for an existing loan to determine new more favorable terms for the borrower.

For those who need it, the acquisition of Crédit Agricole loans can cover all debts: tax, insurance, personal, etc. as well as overdrafts. An adviser will accompany you throughout the process and will guide you in choosing the best rate. Again, do not hesitate to compare the offers for free with our tool.

The characteristics 

The people mainly concerned by the Agricultural Bank’s offers are those who are in debt or over-indebted and who wish to find a certain financial balance. They may also be borrowers who want to have only one interlocutor and lengthen the payment of their debts to continue to have a purchasing power to correct.

The Alvings redemption is about facilitating the management of debts that an individual may have. The Agricultural Bank or the buy-back organization will group all the loans contracted into one contract . The consequence will be the payment of more flexible monthly payments, as the repayment term will have lengthened and the loan rate will be reduced.

However, note that the offer to buy back The Alvings depends on each profile. It is besides in order to personalize its offer that Crédit Agricole requires a financial balance sheet detailing the current situation of the applicant for the purchase of The Alvingss. You will therefore need to provide relevant supporting documents that will allow Crédit Agricole to know your financial situation.

A loan buyout at Crédit Agricole: how much does it cost?

In order to evaluate the interest or not of the financing like the repurchase of loans, it is necessary to compare the gains compared to the expenses. The goal is to benefit from reductions between the total cost of the The Alvings and the penalties applied. Let’s see what it is:

  • Also known as IRAs, prepayment penalties average about 3% of the remaining debt. The law insists that they must not exceed 6 months of unpaid interest. The month of payment is taken into account at the beginning of the payment. But depending on the case, a cancellation of the penalties may be granted if the funds do not come from another bank or if this modality is determined from the outset.
  • As for guarantees, everything depends on your choice of security. If it is a surety (personal security), the bank will have to return 75% of the capital. If there is a question of mortgage (security interest), to the prepayment penalty, will be added the fee of hand raised.
  • The subscription of a repurchase of The Alvings is generally 1% of the requested capital.

So take care to perform a simulation to have an accurate view of all the expenses that you could possibly support. In addition, to complete a request for a The Alvings repurchase to Crédit Agricole, additional elements must be provided.

What documents do I provide for my The Alvings buyback?

Several documents must be attached to your The Alvings redemption request:

  • ID: CNI, Passport, Residence Card, etc.
  • Electricity or gas bills for the last 3 months
  • Internet or telephone bills for the last 3 months
  • Rent receipts for the last 3 months
  • The last payslip and that of the previous month
  • The last tax file and the tax notice for non-employees
  • The last RSA payment slip for seniors
  • The revolving The Alvings statement if you want to combine revolving The Alvingss
  • Depreciation table for debts already settled
  • A copy of the contract of each The Alvings you wish to redeem
  • And the last 3 bank statements

This list is purely indicative and could be modified at the request of Crédit Agricole.

Duration of a purchase of real estate or consumer loans

Duration of a purchase of real estate or consumer loans

Subject to acceptance and verification by the The Alvings Agricole, a response should be given in a few days. The duration of a The Alvings surrender varies according to the situation of each client . You could possibly be contacted for any useful purpose. In the event that a mortgage has to be put in place, the duration of the repurchase of immo and / or conso loans could be lengthened.

Maximize your chances of getting a favorable response for your The Alvings buyback. To do this: simulate your approach, compare offers on the market and if necessary, call a specialist.

Beyond these terms, one can wonder how to have a buyback advantageous The Alvings.

How to negotiate your The Alvings redemption?

Just like when you apply for a loan, it is important to negotiate your The Alvings redemption request. The interest is to reduce as much as possible the total amount you will have to repay. For this, there are several tips: below, find our advice in this area.

Choose a personalized accompaniment

Among the criteria allowing you to get the best buyout of the market, opt for a personalized support. For example, Crédit Agricole offers its customers specific support for requests to meet the needs of each . To do this, simply make an appointment with an advisor and provide all requested documents: statement of account, invoices and other evidence.

Remember to measure your debt ratio before any commitment. From this information, you will be able to better choose the The Alvings buy offer that suits you: we offer you the offers of The Alvings Agricole, but also all those likely to hold your attention. To perform a free simulation, use our form at the top of the page.

Make a The Alvings redemption simulation

To verify whether or not you are eligible for a Crédit Agricole The Alvings consolidation and to obtain an offer, it is necessary to carry out a simulation of The Alvings redemption. Information on your financial, family and professional situation will be required to determine your situation. You have the opportunity to perform a simulation directly on the site The

It is possible to request a simple purchase of conso The Alvingss, a renegotiation of mortgage loans; or a combination of real estate and consumer loans at a time.

Finally, take care to always compare the different offers in addition to those of Crédit Agricole: thus play the competition and enjoy a better The Alvings surrender rate, a much more flexible monthly payment and a duration of reimbursement adapted to your situation .


Debt – There Start-up Investor

You invest again in a shareholder subordinate loan, but receives a fixed rate plus a potential venture kicker. Even though I’m not a big penny-pinard when it comes to venture capital, I’ve seen the new Seedmatch Venture Debt model.

Fixed term and interest

Loan interest

In contrast to the usual start-up investments, this is a bullet-term subordinated loan with a fixed interest rate of 4 to 5 years. The positive aspects are the semi-annual interest payment, the calculation method (act / 360) and the daily settlement.

The half-yearly interest payment not only has the advantage of increasing the effective yield, but above all of the fact that the investor already receives parts of his interest claim after six months. This money can not be lost in a possible bankruptcy.

The calculation method act / 360 also leads to a higher effective interest rate. For those who do not know what this calculation method is: act is the abbreviation for actual , ie actual days, ie in 2016 the effective interest rate would be at 8% annual interest: 8% x 366/360 = 8,13%.

The daily billing leads to a higher total return for early birds, which is only fair, as their capital is also tied up longer. In addition, Early Birds will also receive a one percent bonus on the interest rate over the entire life of the current Hey Paula offer. I suppose that will be similar in the future.

In addition to the fixed interest is the so-called venture kicker. The Venture Kicker is a bonus at the end of the term, which can be up to 30% of the investment amount. The height of the venture kicker depends on the achievement of certain turnover thresholds. This variable part of the return is the main difference to other previous offers.

With this additional remuneration, the return can reach 11% -15%, depending on the starting position. Together with the advantages already listed, Seedmatch’s offer is the most attractive model on the market in terms of return.

My opinion


I have already hinted that I do not find fixed-income models for venture capital particularly attractive. At 11% -15% return I might invest depending on the company. However, this would have to be the fixed interest rate and not the return on venture kicker. For 9% interest, I would eventually invest in companies that have at least a) recoverable assets (after servicing other claims, therefore unlikely) and / or b) a positive operating cash flow. Nevertheless, I think it is very good that there is this new offer, because

  • Investors with a higher risk appetite have an additional opportunity to invest in exciting projects with a different payout and thus risk-return profile.
  • it’s better than the other fixed-income models I’ve looked at and
  • Young companies have another opportunity to finance themselves through the crowd.

Freedom Finance | Borrow the money guide

The business model in Freedom Finance is to convey loans between borrowers and banks. As a broker of loans, they have a long history and are one of the largest in Sweden. But how good are they and what do they think of using Freedom Finance’s service?

The legal name of the Swedish company is Freedom Finance Kreditservice AB. The company started in English in Manchester in 1983, but opened offices in Sweden in 1999 under the name Bolåneservice. Four years later, the name was changed and the name internationally sounding Freedom Finance.

Today it is part of the Zmarta Group and there are Swedish offices in Ängelholm and Stockholm. The business has also established itself in our neighboring countries Norway and Finland.

Why turn to Freedom Finance?

 Why turn to Freedom Finance?

Freedom Finance is not a bank. One cannot borrow money from them, but it is from their affiliated banks that the money is borrowed. So why not go directly to the bank but through an intermediary?

There are several benefits to intermediaries. Anyone who wants to get good loan terms should not turn to just one bank. One should compare the banks against each other and see who gives the best loan.

You can do this on your own, which can be quite time consuming. That’s when loan brokers like Freedom Finance are an easier way. Through a single application you get several loan offers to decide on.

Both private and car loans

 Both private and car loans

The areas that Freedom Finance offers are the private loans (Blancolån) and the Car loans. They have previously also helped with mortgage loans but no longer.

Private loans with a maximum of SEK 600,000

In order for Freedom finance to process your loan application, you must be at least 18 years of age, have an annual income of at least SEK 100,000 and not have any unpaid debts with the Swedish National Insurance Agency.

When you apply for a private loan, you can borrow from SEK 5000 up to SEK 600,000, without security. You can use the money for whatever you want and choose between 1-12 years amortization.

The interest rate is set individually based on your conditions and usually varies from 2.95% to 29.5%. The effective interest rate is then 2.99 – 33.83%.

You can easily apply online. An application is not binding for a loan. You will have the opportunity to choose one of the loans or give up completely.

The car loan of up to SEK 500,000

In order to apply for the car loan, there are several requirements that must be fulfilled. It is possible to borrow for both a new and used car that is purchased from a car dealer or private person. However, the car must not be older than 12 years and, when the loan is paid in full, not older than 14 years.

A cash deposit of at least 20% must be paid to the seller of the car. You can borrow between SEK 10,000 and 500,000. How much you can borrow and what interest you are offered is assessed individually.

How to apply for loans online

It is easy to use Freedom Finance because all applications are made via their website. If you want to get in touch with an administrator, you can also call 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Their telephone number is 0431-47 47 00. Being available is something they value highly considering the generous opening hours applied.

When you become a customer you get access to My Pages at Freedom Finance. There you can follow all their cases and their commitment.

If you find it difficult to get a loan, Freedom Finance, in collaboration with some of their lenders, can give you the opportunity to become a self-employed, project employee or have a payment opportunity.

For anyone applying for a loan, Freedom Finance provides a price guarantee. This means that if you do not get the best loan offer at the moment, you will be compensated with SEK 999.

Banks that Freedom Finance cooperates with

Whether you should get a good loan proposal or not depends much on which banks Freedom Finance cooperates with. They have chosen to openly show the banks on their website, just as Lendo chose to do.

The banks listed are – SevenDay, Wasa Kredit, Marginalen Bank , Nordax Bank, Forex Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, Bigbank, member, Resource Bank, Swedbank, Loan & Spar Bank, Spring Finance, ICA Bank , Consumer Credit, Ikanobanken , Collector, Villabanken, SVEA Direkt, Credento, Credex, Avida Finans, MoneyGo, Halens Privatlån and CashBuddy .

It is a mix of traditional banks that offer private loans and players who work with slightly more expensive quick loans at smaller amounts. Many of the banks deny the application for payment remarks while others can accept remarks.

Loans | Borrow the money guide

The latest addition to the peer-to-peer market for loans in Sweden is Lendify. The company started in 2014 and wants to give the traditional banks a challenge.

Borrowing money from private individuals is not a new phenomenon. We humans have borrowed money from each other for a long time. What Lendify does is to offer a marketplace for this. They make a real effort for this type of loan to become a real challenger to loans from banks. With over 20 million in venture capital from, among others, Fredrik Wallenberg and Resurs Bank’s founders, Lendify is now investing heavily.

Their business model is to act as a loan intermediary between private individuals and make money from brokerage fees. Fredrik Wallenberg is a hidden object in the Wallenberg family but has, among other things, been involved in creating the popular museum Junibacken at Djurgården in Stockholm.

A private loan between individuals

loan money

Many of the early P2P loans were made with small amounts and fairly high effective interest rates. Much because there are significant risks of lending money. For those who want to borrow a little higher amounts and at reasonable market rates, P2P has not been an alternative until possibly now.

What Lendify does is that you raise the levels and can offer traditional private loans without collateral of between SEK 20,000 and SEK 500,000. The effective interest rate for the borrower varies between 3.95% – 17.66%. For anyone who wants to lend money, this is money to earn from net interest income, just as the banks do. The return rate is between 3.5 – 8.2% and varies with risk and repayment period.

How do lenders manage the risk of Lendify?

How do lenders manage the risk of Lendify?

Of course, lending money to other people is associated with risk. There is a risk that the person does not repay the money.

What Lendify does is that you can control your risk yourself quite well. As an investor, you have many choices that all affect your overall risk.

Then you can manage risk through Lendify

  1. Choose how much money you want to invest . The main pillar is that you should not spend money here that you may need within 1-2 years, as it is not to equate to a savings account with free withdrawals.
  2. Distribute the loan amount on several loans . This is an important part of the risk diversification. Loan losses (unpaid loans) have been over 1% over the past seven years. This means that approximately 1% of all loans are never repaid. You must be prepared for it to happen for any of your loans via Lendify.
  3. Borrow to sensible borrowers / projects . You can’t see who the money goes to, but you can, for example. Choose to lend money to people who are going to study, renovate or go on vacation. Each type of loan is risk-rated and you see interest rate, repayment time and how much of the loan has already been financed. The average borrower at Lendify has an income of SEK 400,000 / year.